Blue Crane Financial Services provides assistance to companies faced with critical challenges such as fraud, litigation or re-organisation, as well as growth opportunities where there is a merger or an acquisition. Our team will help your business emerge stronger and smarter.

Enterprise transformation is about fundamental change at strategic and or operational level. We work with you to transform the way you operate and perform. We accelerate the alignment of your people with a clear roadmap to the future. Our support throughout your journey provides capacity to deliver success.

Optimising core operations is about achieving consistent high quality, reducing waste, increasing through put and managing costs effectively. We help you increase performance by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your core business operations including supply chain.

We assist you to continuously evolve and adapt in the face of a constantly changing and increasingly complex global supplier, production and customer environment.

Strengthening enabling functions is about creating value adding business services across your organisation’s support functions. Support functions must anticipate, and deliver to the changing demands of business. Creating cost effective and agile support functions releases scarce resources to focus on core business. We help you transform your support functions taking advantage of best fit delivery models harnessing technology.

Enterprise governance is about managing corporate and social responsibility. It is also about protecting and enhancing reputation. We help manage governance, risk and compliance challenges. We take a broader view on regulatory, economic, social and environmental considerations and the impact these have on your business. We help you design and implement appropriate frameworks and structures to manage governance, risk, compliance and controls. In this way you safeguard your future and your reputation.