Your workforce and the people that make up that workforce need to be managed and today’s labour environment is complicated to say the least. To stay on top is not easy and most small to medium enterprises cannot afford a full time Human Resources department, which is why Blue Crane Financial services have incorporated HR Management into our services.

There are a number of process that the management and workforce need to navigate through and we have compiled a collection of forms used in all these process for you to access.

Here are just some of the laws to keep track of:
  • Basic conditions of employment
  • Labour relations act
  • Skills Development Act
  • Unemployment Insurance Act
  • Relevant Tax Legislation
  • Employment Equity Act
The Employment Process

These are but a few of the legislation governing the labour force. We provide extensive services in regards to managing our client’s human resources issues.

Disciplinary Forms & Procedures

Parting Ways


Managing & leading employee


Health & Safety


Grievance Procedure

Employee Administration

Corporate Govenrnance

Labour Laws & Acts

Labour Forms
  • COID W.As.2 – Registration of Employer with Compensation Fund - PDF Document
  • UI-19 – Declaration of information of commercial employees & workers employed in private household - PDF Document