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Key Dates

  • Tax Season – Tax Season for individuals normally runs from July to November (for non-provisional taxpayers), with provisional taxpayers having until end January to file via eFiling. If you have forgotten your password, visit our page and call our call centre to simply reset.
  • Provisional Tax - The filing and payment by individuals of provisional tax (IRP6’s) is 31 August (1st period), 28 February (2nd period) and 30 September (3rd period)
  • Tax Season - Companies, including CC’s, Co‐operatives and Body Corporates, are required to submit a Return of Income: Companies and Close Corporations (IT14) within 12 months from the date on which their financial year ends.
  • Provisional Tax- The filing and payment by companies of provisional tax (IRP6’s) is 6 months after year end (1st period), At financial year end (2nd period) and Six months after financial year end (3rd period).