Accounting Services

We provide a broad based service to various individuals and companies. Mostly keeping and maintaining accounting records and providing clients with management accounts and financial statements on a month to month basis. We also provide statutory services for example VAT, PAYE, SDL, UIF, COID etc. for our clients.

Our financial statements are independently audited and reviewed at our cost to provide the client with the sound knowledge that his or her accounting records and the service we provide is of the highest quality and up to international standards. All our accounting work is done in accordance with General Accepted Accounting Practice (GAAP) as well as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). To most this is Greek, but to us this is second nature. Basically what this means is that we maintain an extremely high level of compliance with legislation and standards as set by the Accounting Bodies with regards to quality information, reliable accounting and transparency.

In today is ever changing financial environment we need to be at the top of our game at all times. Gone are the days where mere Excel Spreadsheet with a debit and credit or plus and minus sheet on paper was enough. The South African Revenue Service requires all business entities to maintain sound record keeping and registered entities must maintain sound financial reporting and record keeping. All our staff undergo regular training and attend seminars, in doing so we can provide our clients with up-to-date service and give them relevant advise as the laws are amended or changed. Our clients financial and other records are therefore kept and maintained in accordance with all legislation.

Advantages to outsourcing and using an accountant:

  • Adherence to all relevant legislation governing business
  • Up to date accounting practice
  • Up to date record keeping
  • Independent reviews ñ safety of accounting records
  • Cost effective
  • Independence of accountant

We have an extensive list of services we can offer you to assist in your business some of which are:

  • Reporting of financial statements of Close Corporations and the preparation of company financial statements.
  • Completing personal and corporate income tax returns, advising on the implications of income tax legislation and contacting the South African Revenue Service of the clients behalf.
  • Advising on other forms of taxation including Capital Gains Tax.
  • Maintaining accounting records for business entities.
  • Studying accounting records and related systems and recommending modifications and improvements.
  • Estate and financial planning
  • Financial investigations into such matters as low return on investments, high overhead costs, abnormally high stock levels and suspected fraud and theft.
  • Business Plans.
  • Preparing of financial reports.
  • Computing the value of business interests.
  • Providing of company secretarial services.
  • Payroll services.
  • Human resources advice, management and related services.
  • Company and other registrations.
  • Management consultancy, strategic planning and implementation.
These are just a few of our services, please feel free to ask for assistance with any query you may have regarding any financial or accounting services and we will advise you to the best of our abilities.

List of Blue Crane Services

  • Account Maintenance
  • Business Plans
  • Company Registrations
  • Estate & Financial Planning
  • eFiling
  • Financial Investigations
  • Financial Reports
  • Human Resource Management
  • Payroll Services
  • Taxation Advice
  • Tax Returns